The Levante Group


The following projects are currently under development. Please refer to the Real estate development page for more information and related images.


LEXX Kirkurk, Iraq
The Lexx Hotel is the new brand of The Levante Group. This new upscale hotel is located in Kirkurk, Iraq, and is scheduled to open its doors in Fall of 2013.


Levante Center, Iraq
The Levante Center is a combination of Lexx Hotel, conference hall, spa and wellness center, furnished apartment complex, and shopping mall. The Levante Center is located in the city of Kirkurk, and is scheduled to open in Spring of 2014.


Hilton Hilton double tree, Suleymanyia, Iraq
The Hilton Double Tree is scheduled to open in Suleymanyia, Iraq, in 2013 and will be managed by Hilton Double Tree.


Nali complex
Located in Suleymanyia, Iraq, the complex center is a combination of residential area, shopping mall, and hotel. It is scheduled to open in 2016.