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Levante Restaurant

Levante's Restaurant

The 1984 opening of Levante’s Restaurant in Vienna, Austria, marked the birth of The Levante Group. For the first time, original and authentic cuisine from the eastern Mediterranean region was offered in a welcoming and beautifully decorated setting. The Levant Restaurant brand was later successfully introduced to Germany and the U.S.

Levante Restaurant

nemtoi restaurant

As part of The Levante Parliament Hotel, the Nemtoi opened its doors in 2006 as a fine dining establishment. Ion Nemtoi, the world-famous glass artist, gave the restaurant its name, and more importantly, created several extraordinary glass artifacts which have come to be known as unrivaled design highlights among the Viennese restaurant scene. The calm and relaxing atmosphere of its 300-square-meter inner courtyard—where breakfast is served until dinner hours in the summertime—is especially unique as the restaurant is nestled within the bustling city center.

Levante Restaurant


Following the success of the Levante’s Restaurants, the group introduced the Il Tempo concept, the Italian counterpart to the original Levante’s. The group once again became a trendsetter with this mix of Italian coffee bar and open-kitchen bistro, serving fresh and authentic Italian cuisine in a state-of-the-art venue.